• Å i Lofoten and the Moskenesstraumen

Boats & Fishing Lofoten AS is established since years in Å i Lofoten. For all interested anglers we have attractive boat rental offers. These are well-equipped fishing boats, closed with a cabin or as an open aluminum boat. On this website you will find all information about these rental boats. You can also borrow high-quality fishing equipment from us and purchase the right bait. For anglers who are planning a longer stay, we can also arrange accommodation.

Å / Lofoten

Fishing dreams come true!

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Å i Lofoten

The village with its old, picturesque buildings, referred to by many visitors as the most beautiful in the Lofoten Islands, is located in a unique landscape: In the background the Lofotcliff rises steeply, to the front and to the sides it has an unobstructed view of the mainland, the vestfjord, the Maelstrom and the islands Mosken and Værøy. The old fishermen’s cabins (norw. „rorbuer“) are now used mainly as holiday homes.

Angler Lofoten

Halibut record in Å > 162 kg

Caught at the Moskenesstraumen (Maelstrom) near Å.

Halibut record in Å

After 90 minutes drilling time the lucky angler could fix the 162 kg giant in the ship’s side and go slowly back into the harbour of Å. 162 kg and a length of 2.30 m this halibut is a new record for the Lofoten Islands.

Å i Lofoten

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