Fishing holidays in Å

Deep sea fishing on the Moskenesstraumen (Malestrom).

The waters around the Lofoten Islands, particularly the Vestfjord and the Maelstrom, can be described as the dream of every angler. There is an richness in fish that is not easy to find somewhere else. There are only a few areas of the world, comparable to that area. Look forward to a deep sea fishing in summer under the light of the midnight sun.

The Maelstrom


In front of the southern tip of the Lofoten islands, near to Å, the famous Maelstrom (Norwegian: Moskenesstraumen) is located.

Angler Å i Lofoten

It runs between the island Moskenesøy and the uninhabited rocky island Mosken. This current is known as one of the world’s strongest and most dangerous tidal currents. By 4 to 5 kilometers wide and only 40 to 60 meters deepness – huge water masses pour tidal changes from the North Atlantic Ocean in the Vestfjord or flow back again.

Angler Å i Lofoten

This strong current is the reason why there is so much big fish.
Here you can get big sized halibut, cod, coalfish and others.

Å i Lofoten

Midnight sun

In Lofoten you can see the midnight sun from the end of May to the middle of July. But light hour is already from the beginning of May and the middle of August!

The fishing village Å

Å i Lofoten

The fishing village Å is a perfect place for fishing holidays. Situated close to the rich fishing grounds near the Maelstrom, you do not need to drive long distances by boat.

Å i Lofoten

You find accommodation in modern rebuilded fishermen’s cabins (Rorbu). Nice situated at the harbor of Å, near the water or/and with a view to the mountains.

Å i Lofoten

Best service for anglers

Especially for anglers staying in Å will be an unforgettable experience. We will advise you regarding to your wishes for a perfect holiday.

There is a large covered space to prepare the fillet of your caught fish.
Next door is a walk-in refrigerator to freeze the fish.

There is a guide that offers you advice and assistance on site.

Angler Å i Lofoten

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